5 angels just punched my prejudices!

We were all sit on the floor listening to music when a group of little Romanian kids approached us. I picked one and started to dance with her! We had a lot of fun and few minutes after they were sitting and drawing at our feet.

Suddenly I couldn’t find my phone and started to wonder… “Could it be that she…? NO! I can’t believe!”. Then I looked at all their markers, papers, crayons and tough “They are certainly going to take some of these markers with them, may be this is why they are here! How come I believed in their innocent look!?”.

I started to dig into my backpack desperately and the phone just showed up! Then I looked at the markers and realized how careful she was using them - closing each at a time. Moments after, we disposed cookies at the centre of the group. They did ceremony, avoided looking at the cookies or asking for them although you could see they wanted them very hard.

Romanian kids

I felt so guilty! Guilty for having doubt of them. I agree, our defense mechanims are useful, but at the same time these episodes exist to teach us that no matter our past experiences we must always give the benefit of the doubt to a new person that comes into our lives and shouldn't judge anyone based on their race or culture.

I was so proud when I found that it was all true. That the love I was receiving from them was real. It was SO SO hard to say goodbye. They were just at the camp staring at me and waving until I turned the last corner and our eyes could no longer meet each other... I didnt memorize their names and will never see them again knot in the throat.