Angola, an enchanting beginning.


My grandfather served in Angola for several years as a geographical engineer. So did my mother, who was a teacher in Benguela for 2 years. One of the many stories she told me, was how her students used bread crumbs instead of rubbers, showing me that you can have so little and be so creative and, for that reason, I grew up inspired by their ways. It sparkled my curiosity for this amazing country and its majestic landscapes!


Nevertheless, after one year of waiting for my first contract in Luanda, and all my other professional endeavours, all I could think of was the planning and designing of the consultancy itself. Somehow, the images of the landscape didn’t seem to cross my mind anymore. It was not until I woke up, with swollen sleepy eyes, and opened the plane's window that I realized the imposing beauty of Angola. What I saw from that window was one of the most remarkable sunrises I have ever seen.

I felt so blessed by that enormous rising sun, along with all the tinny distant boats, that spreaded across the beautiful bay, and the squared desert looking slums. It was as if nature was winking at me, surprising me with all its power. And so my professional internationalization begun...