EES 12th biennial conference


The EES Thematic Working Group for Emerging Evaluators, have asked emerging evaluators what they expect from their participation in this year’s European Evaluation Society (EES) conference. Check the video bellow to hear what we have to say!


EES Thematic Working Group for Emerging Evaluators


The EES Thematic Working Group (TWG) for Emerging Evaluators was created in 2014. Since then, we have held a number of virtual meetings as well as a virtual conference of emerging evaluators – yet, most of us never really got to know each other in person, until now! At the 12th biennial conference in Maastricht, we will for the first time get a chance to hold a physical meeting of the TWG. While we will take this opportunity to take stock of past and ongoing activities, a particular emphasis will be put on jointly developing our action plan for the next two years. Anyone who is interested in participating is welcome to join! We are also excited to officially launch EES’ first Emerging Evaluator Mentoring Program at the conference. You have a final chance to sign up as a mentor or mentee today (August 31) until midnight, CET. Please note that this is an initiative for EES members only.

 In a “Presidential Fishbowl” hosted by the EES President, Riitta Oksanen, we will share and discuss experiences, plans and ideas of how to work with emerging evaluators. A fishbowl is a dynamic panel session. We will start the session with Julia Brümmer, Ziad Moussa and Tino Smail, but there will be empty chairs for others to join spontaneously. You have something to say on this topic? Please come and do so! Apart from all this, the Thematic Working Group has worked on supporting the active participation of emerging evaluators throughout the conference activities: from presenting to chairing sessions; from reporting in the social media to evaluating the conference etc. We look forward to a fresh and vibrant EES2016!

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