Mentoring organizations to maximize value


Launched in 2013 the Social Impact Program (SIP) is an ecosystem to manage social impact that runs through three key steps:

1. 10 organizations from the Social Economy, who are interested in learning more about Social Impact Evaluation are selected;

2. 10 SROI prototype analysis are developed under a training and mentoring support during 4 months;

3. The 10 pilot analysis are then shared in an international event, before a panel of social investors.

The Social Impact Program is now on it's third year. It was the first SROI mentoring program in the world, which, despite the challenges, is always rewarding and a great learning experience. As a capacity building manager, since the 1st edition, I'm very proud of the way it has been progressing. Not only due to the raising number of applications and quality of the analysis, but specially because of how it is shaping the discussion around social impact evaluation in Portugal. I have to tell you more about this one of these days, but today, I want to share with you the person who had the idea of creating such program in the first place: Vitor Simões.

Bellow is the video we build together and presented at the first Emerging Evaluators Virtual Conference.


Social Impact Programme at European Emerging Evaluators Conference


Here Vitor discusses the current trend to reinforce the power of the financing party rather than the implementing party, while additionally stressing the importance of projects instead of the organizations carrying them out. Main discussion topics:

  • Can M&E centre of gravity move from the funder towards the implementing organisation (and ultimately towards the beneficiaries)?


  • Does a bottom-up drive in the M&E landscape require more investment in robust monitoring – to enable organisation's better understanding of how they facilitate positive outcomes in people’s lives?


  • Our role as evaluators: “neutral service” providers or “catalysts for increased power to implementing organisations?