Portugal - European Champions - a political message


My ability to enjoy football is, to my misfortune, somewhat limited and I was working until Portugal scored the goal that lead us to victory. Since then I could not take my eyes off the television and, when the match ended, the first thing I thought was "if they can do it, so can I".


Portugal - 2016 UEFA European Champions


To me, this is the inspiring power of football and sports. To all of those Portuguese man and women who won medals this past weekend, thank you for making us believe that it is worth working for our goals on a daily basis; that with focus, discipline and team spirit we can achieve anything in life. I can not stop emphasizing the political importance of this achievement as well.

In times of extremist beliefs, xenophobia and risk of European disintegration, a small country of the South winning the European Football Championship, carries a strong message: We have a contribution to make in the reconstruction of Europe. Though small, Portugal has many qualities that can/should make a difference in the European crop; and one of them is being the 5th most peaceful country in the world*.


Portuguese kid consoles a crying Frenchman


*Global Peace Index 2016, covering 99.7% of the population.