Reencounter of a lifetime!

Being in Athens I could not miss visiting the Portuguese Refugee Support Platform MISSION!

I arrived and we went straight to the shelter. There I found a boy who I have met in Lesbos and whose number I had lost!! It was amazing!! When we arrived he was biking. Suddenly I realized the face was familiar. I pointed the finger at him and asked: Muhamed?! He spread his arms and shouted "MARIAAAAAAA" !! We went running to each other and we hugged each other non-stop!


Muhamed and me at Athens.


I met Muhamed through Save the Children. They came to me in December 2016 saying that there was a kid who was always alone and put aside. I invited him to RSP (Portuguese Refugee Support Platform) Youth Group in Kara Tepe. In the beginning he didnt wanted to go because of the Afghans and the Syrians kids (he is from Palestine). But gradually he kept on going and started to make friends. It was beautifull to see...

He asked me when will he leave Greece. I couldnt answer him a concrete answer... There are lot's of people who will not be able to get out of Athens. Only those who are at greater risk (generally coming from war-affected areas) are allocated to other European countries. Greece gets funding from the European Union - EU to take care of the many others who get permit but are less vulnerable.