SROI Angola: pilot analysis


African Innovation Foundation (AIF) is finishing, this month, the first SROI mentoring program in Angola and the first Angolan pilot SROI analysis. AIF is an institution devoted to increase the prosperity of Africans by catalyzing the innovation spirit in Africa.

I'm working with AIF through BHP - Brugger & Partners Lda. implementing SROI to a group of development organizations from The Social Impact Program for Angola (SIPA). The Program was designed to provide turn-key approaches to scalable, sustainable and evidence-based innovation programming in social impact. SIPA looks at local funding sources, in particular the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Angola and engages with local organizations such as NGOs, churches, associations and private sector partners to help roll out its programes. The SROI mentoring program aims to improve participants' impact evaluation capacity, promote accountability and optimize the social value created by the money invested.

Check here a testimony, in the first person, on how SROI helps the participants learning how to engage stakeholders.


Learning SROI | AIF - Social Impact Program Angola