SROI Brazil: high expectations


One and a half month in Brazil left me speechless. Practically everything surplussed my expectations - which were already high. Hard talking about both work and Brazil at the same time, but to be honest I didn't had time to explore the country properly. Working as a consultant sometimes has this flops. You arrive to a place and when you think about enjoying it, it's already time to go back.

I was received at Plan consulting by an excellent and cheerful group of evaluation experts. We are partnering with 4Change to deliver a Social Return on Investment to the Brazilian Industrial Social Service (SESI). I should share with you some of the learnings in this pioneering project. I'll do it after this consultancy is finished and everything is more settled. Nevertheless, I can already say that this was the first time I seriously mixed SROI with experimental design. It is so easy in theory. :) 

Well, bellow I leave you with a cute video, built in partnership with Plan to explain the real point of doing an SROI analysis and what is this thing called - "SROI"


Know the principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI), a method used to analyze the cost-benefit ratio from a social point of view.