Engaging Stakeholders in Evaluation Through Visuals


The 5 Capitals Spider Graphic

Helps boosting the engagement of stakeholders in the development of theories of change.

Image developed by the designer Wilson Venâncio.


The Social Impact Pizza

Facilitates contribution analysis enabling a debate on how much change can be attributed to a project, policy or organization.


Data Visualization and Reporting


Evaluation Methods Explained

Materials that support evaluation capacity building, translating complex concepts in simple ideas.


Sharing Evaluation Results

Transforming qualitative and quantitative data into visuals helps both evaluators and evaluation audience connect with the findings.


Video Blogging

Online Training: Evaluation of Humanitarian Actions

How to set up an online monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system for humanitarian interventions? Visit my Youtube Channel!


Outreach and online engagement




The Emoji Likert Scale

Translates perceptions and feelings into numbers, supporting the quantification of social change and impact measurement.


Answering Evaluation Calls

Infographics designed to present a complex methodological framework for a UNHCR call. The application was not successful, but the graphics and learnings remain!


Coverage of an Evaluation Report


Broadcasting European Evaluation Society (EES)

Engaging the EES board members in the call for abstracts submission of the 2018 EES conference. Check out the EES conference website.


Social Media Posts